Savannah Cultural Art Center

412 Williamson

The first phase of River Street East for Northpoint Hospitality, Already Savannah's top destination hotel on Trip Adviser, with sensational rooftop gardens, pool, and bar for guests.

412 Williamson


Typical Apartment Layout

Hill Hall, Savannah State University

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Jane Jacobs, the greatest planner of our lifetimes, believed that cities were organisms, not machines.  Like all organisms, elements of the whole are always dying while other elements are being created.  As long as there is more springing to life than dying, organisms and cities go on living.  Unlike biological entities cities don’t have to die, and few do

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Welcome to the virtual portfolio for Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects, Savannah’s leading professional design firm for over 50 years.  We would like for you to look around for a while, and see what we love doing–making the kinds of places that people enjoy when they are working, playing, learning, living or praying.

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