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GMShay performed the master planning for comprehensive improvements to one of Savannah’s most successful institutions to celebrate its 50th anniversary on a large campus surrounded by residential and mixed-use development.  Master planning horizon was for the next twenty years of expansion and modernization, beginning with a STEM wing consisting of college-level science and technology classrooms and a seminar room.  Next, the implementation of athletic improvements began with installation of a professional level synthetic playing field for football, soccer and lacrosse, with 1500 seats of bleacher seating, and modern concessions and restroom building. These synthetic fields require no irrigation and harvest rainwater, eliminating the need for massive quantities of water needed for irrigation. Our design also included installation of an improved lacrosse practice field and a youth football field, surrounding a central plaza.  The final phase will include parking improvements and a stadium along one side of the new synthetic athletic fields.

Religious + Educational

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