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Senior Architect, GMSHAY

Saad is an international architect, urban designer, educator and a mentor. He graduated from Washington University, St. Louis, with a master’s degree in architecture and urban design. For the past 40 years, Saad has been practicing in the USA, China, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Botswana, and the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean. He worked with public organizations, such as the United Nations, as well as international private architectural and engineering firms.


Saad has been a member of several international architectural institutes and societies including the American Institute of Architects. He managed architectural practices in Abu-Dhabi, UAE, in Shanghai, China and his own practice in Gaborone, Botswana. He also taught architecture and urban design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and became the first Director of the Urban Design Program at the School of Building Arts in that College.


Saad has been working with Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects since 2005, with couple interruptions due to the recession, where he left to practice in the UAE and China. He is now in the process of writing a book entitled, “Architecture, a Global Practice; A practical manual and guide for architects and students of architecture who plan to practice architecture in the USA and foreign countries”.

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