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Architect, GMSHAY

Ana Manzo, LEED GA, has devoted over 20 years to developing projects. In her home country of Venezuela, she received her license after graduating from the prestigious Simon Bolivar University. She allows her empathy and curiosity in human behavior to drive her design intent. Due to this fresh perspective, Ana approaches every design challenge by focusing on social responsibility and people’s needs prior to the technicalities of design. This world view allows her to understand architecture in a more expansive way.


She has worked in many areas of design with a variety of clients: from small residential homeowners to accomplished housing developers, to even large corporations such as Kraft Foods, Chrysler, Best Western Hotels, and British American Tobacco.


Her biggest passion, however, has always been affordable housing, which grew from her commitment to being socially responsible. Before coming to the US, she focused most of her career on creating residential projects with a special interest in multifamily housing design. All these projects considered not only the environment and the importance of being sustainable, but also the needs of the users and the economy of construction, keeping both the client and the inhabitant pleased.

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