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Resilience – The ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. It’s something that is inherent within our nature. One thing that we can always expect is that as time passes everything change.

The two planters in front of our office started out as an experiment that gave us an opportunity to grow plants that we consider for various projects. Our latest planting was a test of hardy variations that we now know have surpassed expectations. When left to their own devices, they flourished and thrived. The sturdy stems proudly sway in the light breeze, showing off its vibrant blooms and reminding us that despite the harsh conditions, nature always prevails with its best iteration yet!

Times have been very challenging for many lately. We stand to learn a lot as individual people, communities, and designers from what nature does so seamlessly. Sometimes when you’re surrounded with turmoil, it’s hard to see progress and change that’s happening for the better. But every step and every decision we make feeds into what blossoms for us and others in time. It is our responsibility to be resilient and we strive action by action to do it at every scale - one building and one planter at a time. It’s challenging and it has its moments of endurance. Like nature, in order to reach as close to seamlessness as possible, it requires iterations and to be intellectually honest. Whether it’s the scale of social justice or the scale of environmental justice, we hope you will work with us to cultivate tomorrow’s best iteration yet!


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