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Design Associate, GMSHAY

Meredith Stone is a native of Savannah has always focused on achieving excellence and serving her community. She’s received several awards for her extensive hours of community service and academic successes. She received her Masters of Architecture Degree at Hampton, University. Meredith has worked at architecture firms in Savannah, GA and Houston, TX. She also ran a property management company, worked for a radio station and taught STEM subjects to hundreds of children. Meredith designs and manages projects for GMShay through multiple phases of design and is experienced in construction management. She is a licensed real estate agent with the local commercial and residential real estate brokerage, Vantosh Realty. She also serves on the local Housing Savannah Task Force and the Chatham County Zoning Board of Appeals. Meredith is passionate about sustainability, quality design, and creating meaningful spaces for all.

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