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Eric Meyerhoff

Eric Meyerhoff, founding principal of Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects, passed away on May 19,2020 at the age of 91.

If Savannah holds a place dear in your heart, then so does Eric Meyerhoff. As an architect, Eric created many of Savannah’s most memorable places, like River Street, City Market’s streets and sidewalks, the Georgia Continuing Education Center, and the Jewish Educational Alliance. With his dear friend and partner Bob Gunn, he showed a great love of our city’s history, but was unafraid to strive to make her even better.

As all of us who get to make more Savannah know so well, it is a great privilege for an architect. Eric Meyerhoff understood that, and never took that privilege for granted. His life’s work is a testament to the power of architecture to enhance and transform, and we are all the beneficiaries of that work. Above all else, Eric was a humanist. He believed that in making great places that all people—especially children—could enjoy and then feel better about their own lives, that was his calling.

Savannah is very fortunate that this immigrant from Germany’s darkest time came to settle here. His gentle ways and sharp wit will be missed, but in truth he is all around us.

Thank you Eric!

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