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Experiencing Auldbrass Plantation

Carefully integrated into the landscape along the Combahee River in Yemassee, South Carolina, is Frank Lloyd Wright’s version of a southern plantation. Of his many buildings, it is undoubtedly the largest and most complex of all his undertakings. The GMS team had the unique opportunity to visit the privately owned compound which is only open to the public biennially. Special thanks to Choate Construction for extending the invitation to us!

It truly was a spectacular sight. A hexagonal parti was cleverly incorporated throughout; from a rain chain above a hexagonal drain, modular furniture, to the angled timber walls and copper roofs that protruded enough to declare their presence without being overwhelming. Notable too was the Auldbrass Plantation’s logo that could be seen in the clerestory detailing.

As we left the serene grounds and turned for a final glance, the home and surrounding buildings seemingly disappeared into the natural landscape, becoming one with the earth.

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