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Farewell Saad

Like a quiet angel, Saad Al-Jassar slips into our design studio every few years. Then, when he feels his work is done, he politely exits without drama or fanfare.

We always feel blessed to have him with us. Whether teaching our young associates how to navigate the challenges of getting dreams built, or incepting another wonderful addition to Savannah’s future skyline, his calm and thoroughly professional demeanor remains unfazed.

Saad has been with us for a year this time, helping us get two buildings which will transform our firm out of the ground and well founded. In the past he has worked with us to get such places from concept to contractor, in the process creating things that will be unforgettable. I for one enjoyed working with him as he tirelessly drew our designs over and over as long as it took to get them polished and approved by our unpredictable review process. Never did he lose his patience.

Saad has also been a great friend. Although he was never around when unwanted he was always there when needed. Once when I was in complete despair, he reminded me that Baha’u’llah said that it would be the darkest before the light returns. It was the hope I needed. We can be apart for years and start the conversation right where we left off.

Saad is retiring now to be with his dear family in Chicago. Some day I hope he and Cindy return here and we can all sit together and listen to the sea sounds together. Until then we thank him for his gentle spirit and his love for architecture.


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