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GMShay is an Enterprise Green Community Certified Technician!

GMShay is excited to announce that we are now certifying technicians for Enterprise Green Communities' projects. EGC is a community of affordable housing providers that encourages setting green building practices as a standard for responsible development. It provides financial incentives for developers of affordable housing. It is the only national green building program designed explicitly for the affordable housing sector. We are implementing these standards into all of our current housing design projects and excited to help you certify, design, and construct more housing near you.

Enterprise Green Community measures the success based upon several criteria including:

  • Integrative Design

  • Location and Neighborhood Value Fabric

  • Site Improvement

  • Water

  • Operating Energy

  • Materials

  • Healthy Living Environment

  • Operations, Maintenance, and Resident Engagement

Want to build with us? Need help creating housing for your community? Have any questions? Call us today!


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