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John David Intro

He was a quiet man, so this should be short.  He drove a car faster than anyone else ever could, and he usually built it with his own hands.  He lived to be on the waters of the Chechessee, fishing and shrimping the tides. I knew him as he made plans for the things that we call Savannah today.  He took time to make sure it was right, and he never complained to me even though I gave him reason.

To me, John was the epitome of everything good about the southern man.  Strong, without bragging, a lover of nature, a good father, and as dependable as sunrise. His steady hands drew everything Bob Gunn and Eric Meyerhoff could dream up, and when it was time to learn computers, he did.  His work is all around us today.

John retired a few years ago, because I thought it was time.  No complaints, without fanfare.  I am glad he had that time to enjoy his farm, and spend more time on the rivers. I hope that the fishing is good in heaven, and that there’s a dirt track up there for him to rule over.  He deserves that and more.

Goodbye John, and thank you for your time with us!

Patrick Shay, LEED AP, AIA

President, Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects, PC

Architecture + Urban Development


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