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Meet Kennedy Reid! - GMSHAY's 2023 Summer Intern

GMSHAY is enjoying spending summer with our awesome and intelligent intern, Kennedy Reid. We asked Kennedy to share her thoughts about working with us. She started at GMSHAY in June and has been here for 6 weeks. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies because of her major in Film at Savannah Arts Academy. She tries to watch as many eclectic films as she can so she can learn from them and apply some of those skills to her own projects. Otherwise, she enjoys going on runs outside and trying out new restaurants with friends.

Kennedy says her favorite thing about working with GMSHAY is all the diverse projects she gets to help with. Given that we work on everything from hotels to residential spaces, she can work on something a little different every day. This helps her gain a more holistic view of the architecture field and always allows her to try something new. She says The GMSHAY design team are very helpful and considerate by making sure she always explores topics and elements of architectural design that she’s interested in the most.

When it comes to the principles of design Kennedy says still has a lot to learn in regards to architecture and design, but in the future she would like to work on more residential designs. While designing homes, not only do you get to form a tighter bond with your clients, but you are able to design something personal and unique every time.


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