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Take 5 With Meejan! - GMShay's Intern

Our most recent addition to the GMShay Team joins us from Atlanta for the summer as an intern. We took a moment to get to know her better and find out what has drawn her to the field of architecture and to our team!

What do you like most about Architecture?

My favorite thing about architecture is how it influences the way people feel in a space. I love the sense of awe you get when you walk into a great piece of architecture.

When I'm not working I am.....?

Spending time with friends and family, cooking or painting.

What do you like about Savannah?

I like how most places are in walking distance, it makes me want to be outside more. And the historic buildings of course.

Who is your favorite Architect?

Right now, my favorite architect is Bijoy Jain. I love how his projects have a deep understanding of materiality, using mostly natural elements native to India. He also aims to gently integrate his designs into their landscapes in a way that creates a sense of calm.

What do you like most about working at GMShay?

Definitely the diversity and inclusivity of everyone at office. The environment is very collaborative and there's not a day that goes by when I don't learn something new!


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