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Design proposed for 916 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (MLK) and adjoining lots will provide 16 high quality 2-bedroom apartments affordable to small families and/or couples who have been displaced, or who are at risk of being displaced, due to the high cost of rental housing in the neighborhood and Savannah.  The design includes three 3-story buildings that are interconnected by a controlled access courtyard and common roof.  Each apartment will include a living and dining area, a kitchen with appliances, stackable washers/dryers, and a patio/porch.  Off-street parking and amenities for apartment and neighborhood residents. Many residents are expected to be successfully participating in initiatives offered by organizations that provide housing and supportive services to displaced persons and families.  Renters can live in the apartments indefinitely providing they abide by the terms of their lease.  This is not transitional housing—although planners hope that by having a stable, affordable, place to live with supportive services that some residents will use this as a springboard to larger market rate apartments and/or home purchases. The apartments range in size from about 775 to 925 square feet and most are expected to rent for no more than the Fair Market Rent for Savannah which is currently $1,256 a month.   

 City of Savannah expects to make its land available for this development.  The Savannah Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) and other similar resources are expected to be combined with private financing to bring about the development of the property.  The City expects to involve the Chatham County / City of Savannah Land Bank Authority, Community Housing Services Agency, Inc. (CHSA), and CHSA Development, Inc. in this undertaking.  

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