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This private home is located in the Thomas Square Streetcar Neighborhood as an urban infill project in a regenerating neighborhood, and includes an accessory dwelling unit that is an affordable housing rental. The residence was designed to be as resilient and energy efficient as possible, with passive solar features such as daylight in every room, rain screen construction, and extra insulation. There is also an active solar array which generates enough power to offset the entire electric bill in all but the Summer and Winter (very short in Savannah) months.  The home also has a very efficient cooling system with multiple mini-split AHUs, eliminating ductwork, and ceiling fans in all rooms.  The water heater is also a heat pump, drawing heat from within the home and reducing AC loads.  The home is located on a compact urban site, but has a garden courtyard and side yard that are landscaped with edible plants. The result is an urban home that is within walking distance of the home owner’s church, public transit, multiple food outlets, a public library and a park coupled with a very resilient and energy efficient structure, made to last for 100 years, and have an extremely low carbon footprint.

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